How to Dissolve Fear and Release Negative Emotions

st-germain-home11-20-16  How to Dissolve Fear and Release Negative Emotions

Findings from the world’s most comprehensive study of anxiety and depression research to date, published by researchers at the University of Queensland, find that globally 1 in 13 people suffer from anxiety.

Fear, anxiety and depression are some of the very lowest emotional vibrations we are capable of experiencing.

Saint Germain devotes a whole chapter in his book Intermediate Studies in Alchemy to anxiety and what he calls the anxiety syndrome.  He says that “anxiety is a symptom of insecurity; it stems from man’s incorrect concept of himself and from his lack of perspective. Many people feel unfulfilled, unloved, unwanted, and they are not sure of just what they should be doing with their lives. Their uncertainties under adverse conditions are easily turned into mental and emotional states of depression bordering on extreme self-deprecation.” So how do we dissolve our fears, both conscious and unconscious, and release negative emotions that limit us and keep us from fulfilling our divine purpose?  Join us as we explore powerful and practical tools for becoming the master of your emotional world and breaking past unseen barriers that may be holding you back.

Spiritual Solutions for Keeping Safe in Today’s World!

st-germain-home10-16-16   Spiritual Solutions for Keeping Safe in Today’s World!

We face today unprecedented challenges to our physical safety.  In addition to natural disasters that occur around the world, many who feel disenfranchised are turning to violence to either make a statement or to strike back at what they feel has been unfair to them.

How do you, your family and your community stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world?

Saint Germain says that we should strive “to enter in to the Holy of holies of your own being.  Come to the place of safety—spiritual safety, the safety of the soul, and physical safety.”

Join us as we discuss what it means to “enter into the Holy of holies of your own being” as your primary place of safety.  Learn how you can call to the angels for protection and assistance, and how you can help others do the same by spreading this message through a special initiative we are introducing.  See you there!

Healing with Light Rays

carlnancy-drlori09-18-16  Title: Healing with Light Rays

Description/Bio:  Does light heal?  Are you living with physical pain that may be interfering with your joy and service?  What is the difference between light and laser therapy?

Join Dr. Lori Gillet DPT, on a journey to answer these questions and more.  She will discuss the history and practice of laser therapy.   She has spent the past 30 years practicing physical therapy incorporating healing modalities such as craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, and myofascial release to balance the fascial system which supports all of our body’s structures. By releasing tensions in this system, the body has the advantage of standing more upright against gravity and optimizing movement patterns.

Growing up with a father who had over a dozen spine operations and chronic pain, Lori learned about physical therapy at a young age.  As a child, she spent a great deal of time in hospitals, rehab centers, and pain clinics experiencing how chronic pain affects the entire family.  Helping families deal with chronic pain has become a passion dear to her heart.

Her own journey with light began 15 years ago when her daughter experienced facial paralysis. Looking for helpful treatments, she began to explore lasers. To her delight, her daughter recovered and now plays trumpet professionally requiring much strength in her once paralyzed facial muscles. What a grace!

Be sure to tune in to find out what laser light may do for you!

Unlocking the Mystery of the Holy Grail

NancyCarlSAF Emblem 11x1408-21-16   Unlocking the Mystery of the Holy Grail

Many legends abound regarding the search for the Holy Grail and its origin and meaning.  According to the Arthurian legend, the Grail cup was the cup that Jesus used at the last supper that was retrieved by Joseph of Arimathea and later taken to Great Britain.  It was said to have special powers and was designed to provide happiness, eternal youth and food in infinite abundance–thus the search for it by King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table.

But there is an even greater significance to the search for the Holy Grail and its mystical meaning that was the theme of our recent conference in Prague, Czech Republic: Unlocking the Mystery of the Holy Grail – I AM the Eternal Light of the Word Restoring Christ Peace on Earth.

We invite you to join our co-hosts and speakers at our conference, Carl and Nancy Showalter and Alberta Fredricksen as they delve deeper into this mystery and reveal the significance of the Holy Grail and how it applies to you in your life today. You won’t want to miss this enlightening discussion!