Be Proactive! Sow what you want to reap!

09-18-17  Be Proactive!  Sow what you want to reap!

The Golden Rule is a law of reciprocity: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The underlying reason for this is because it will be done unto you, sooner or later.  The Golden Rule is found in a variety of forms in many religions and spiritual communities. It is a form of the law of cause and effect as put forth by Newton.

As thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee.  Book of Obadiah

Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.  Jesus

Mere children…grasp innumerable facts with such speed as to show that they are not then taking them in for the first time, but remembering and recalling them.  Cicero

The law of cause and effect is a fundamental understanding of all of life.  And it comes with the gift of free will which is our right and ability to choose.  Because we can choose what to think, speak, feel and how to act, we are also accountable and responsible for our choices and their consequences. This results in outcomes that can be rewarding or they may create a debt we must repay.  The law is exact.

The concepts of karma and reincarnation pick up where the golden rule leaves off.  They are natural cycles and represent the mercy of the law.  Knowing how this works can help us understand how we got where we are today, why we were born with a certain set of aptitudes, talents, crises and challenges and what these factors have to do with the families or the nations we were born into.  They encourage us to learn more about what we can do about it now and into the future.

Join us as we explore how karma works and how it influences the conditions of the choices we make, the events that take shape around us and the people we magnetize to us.  We’ll also explore some tools and strategies that can help all of us transform karmic situations into new ways of thinking about our relationships, our health, our work and the opportunities we have in all aspects of our lives.


Caroline Hanstke is a teacher of metaphysics and a devotee of the Holy Spirit who has served as a psychologist in the public and private sectors for more than forty years.  Caroline has her own counseling practice in Calgary, Canada and also serves as a minister.  She is the author of The Science of the Conversion of the Holy Spirit in the New Jerusalem and has also co-authored several books with Brian and Therese Emmanuel Grey including Why We Do What We do, The Inner Family Archetypes, The Psychology of Success and The 2012 Spiritual Shift.

Walking the Path of the Eastern Adept

08-21-17  Walking the Path of the Eastern Adept

Together for seven days, devotees from all over the world attended our 12thannual European Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

Profound meditations, deep spiritual experiences, and powerful mantras and decrees facilitated personal transformation and the acceleration of consciousness as participants internalized the spiritual paths of the Eastern adepts.

Devotees experienced the teachings and spiritual disciplines of nine of the Eastern masters:  Gautama Buddha, El Morya, Djwal Kul, Maha Chohan, Krishna, Kuan Yin, Manjushri, Lord Ling, and the Five Dhyani Buddhas.

Join us as we share the highlights and convey the spirit of these Masters and how we too can walk the well-trodden path of the Adepts.

The I Am Presence-Your Source of Life, Intelligence and Abundance

07-18-17  The I Am Presence-Your Source of Life, Intelligence and Abundance

Access the dynamic connection to divine power within you!  Do you wonder why it is difficult to manifest what you want, even after practicing spiritual disciplines?  Join us as we share effective tools to access your inner, divine and creative powers and show you how to use them in very practical ways.

Hear our guest speaker, Mark Myers, as he shares and discusses the fascinating and enlightening world of spiritual cosmology and how humanity has lost track of its divine destiny.  Our present state of spiritual evolution has diminished our means to manifest abundance, fulfillment and meaning in our lives.  Let’s explore together how we can regain the fullness of our spiritual heritage, re-align ourselves to our divine purpose and reach the fullness of all that we are destined to be.  Be with us for this exciting voyage of enlightenment and discovery!

Is America a Divinely Sponsored Nation?

6-19-17  Is America a Divinely Sponsored Nation?

As one nation among many nations, does America have a special role that is spiritual in nature? And what is the relationship of that role to lightbearers in all nations who are awakening to their divine identities?  Is there a spiritual connection among all those of the light that goes beyond historical timelines, national and religious boundaries?

Join us for an exciting exploration of what the ascended masters say about the mandala of souls that are from every race, every religion and every nation.  These are the ones who have not lost the memory of their God consciousness.  This mandala of souls forms what the Masters call the I AM Race—a spiritual group of individuals from every race, country and religion.  This has nothing to do with racial or ethnic characteristics at all but refers to all those of the light no matter what culture they were born into.

As we approach the July 4th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of America, our co-host, Alberta Fredricksen, will share some of her research on:  1) the special relationship America has to all lightbearers in every nation, 2) America’s unique spiritual destiny, and 3) the spiritual principles on which the nation was founded as perceived by the Founders.

Alberta Fredricksen is a Conflict and Spiritual Life Coach and author.  She has served in educational settings as a teacher, school administrator, human resources administrator, and university instructor.  She is the author of Transforming Everyday Conflict: Tools, Tips and Roadmaps to Better Communication and Stronger RelationshipsResume of a Disciple: Stepping Up SpirituallyGrowing Courage: Self-Empowerment for Facing Life’s Challenges, and The AMERICA Rosary to Unite the I AM Race.