The Kidney Donor’s Journey: 100 Questions I Asked Before Donating My Kidney, Author Ari Sytner


Discover why someone would donate a kidney to a total stranger! 

After an unexpected year-long journey of exploring kidney donation, Ari Sytner became a kidney donor to save the life of a single mother of 3 children. The experience was so inspirational and transformative, that Ari revealed the entire journey in this first ever question and answer book, outlining the 100 questions he struggled with before deciding to proceed with his transplant and give the gift of life. The Kidney Donor’s Journey walks you through every stage of Ari’s process, from researching, struggling and telling his family, to testing, undergoing surgery and recovery. The book inspires readers to weigh the personal and ethical values of kindness and human life, while sharing a moving and uplifting tale of one man’s journey to make a difference in the world.

Some questions include:

  • How do I tell my family?
  • How risky is the surgery?
  • Who pays for the surgery?
  • Can I back out if I change my mind?
  • Will my insurance go up?
  • Do I meet the recipient?
  • Will I have to take medications forever?
  • Can I still drink coffee or alcohol?
  • How long will I be in the hospital?
  • Can anyone be a donor?
  • How long will I be in the hospital?
  • Will I regret my decision later on?

Plus many more powerful questions and answers!

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Cherokee Wisdom: 12 Lessons for becoming a Powerful Leader, Author Cynthia M. Ruiz

In this book, Leadership Expert Cynthia M. Ruiz taps into her Cherokee roots to share profound advise on developing your unique Leadership Style. Everyone is different yet has the ability to be a powerful leader in many aspects of their life. These twelve lessons are powerful reminders of what attributes are needed to become a leader, which benefits yourself and others. Cynthia is proud to come from blended cultures and feels she takes the best from both worlds, Latina & Native American. She has been know to say “ I get my passion for life from my Mexican side and my spiritualty and respect for the environment from my Cherokee roots” She has received over 50 awards and accolades for her Leadership and philanthropy. Hollywood Chamber has named her a “Women of Distinction” and she appeared in the Discover the Gift with the Dala Lama, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Jack Canfield. Cynthia has a Masters Degree in Counseling and has worked with people her entire life. She lives in Los Angeles where she enjoys the diversity of a metropolitan city. “Sometimes we complicate our own lives, ancient wisdom can remind us to keep it simple. One simple lesson many leaders miss the mark is humility.

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Mysticism and Ultimate Divine Healing Processes ~: The Perfect Principles And Patterns of God!, Author Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff

linda_mystical_MYSTICISM & DIVINE HEALING ~ The Perfect Principles and Patterns Of God! Discover the Profound Healing Secrets of the Mystics of the Ages, and learn how to Identify with the Limitless Divine Principles and Capacity of God-within-you. Live the Life of Miraculous Healing in every Department of concern. Understand the Divine Principles always available to you, and the way to activate through applying the Highest Consciousness of Spiritual Mind Treatment ~ Your Ultimate Healing Tool! In this book on Ultimate Divine Healing Principles and Law, Dr. Linda touches upon every aspect of life with Astonishing Clarity, illumining the most accelerated pathway to Permanent Healing of Physical, Mental & Emotional Conditions ~ And to Perfecting All in Your Outer World! For those who wish to learn further about Divine Principle, What it is, and How to Use It and the Five Stages of Spiritual Mind Treatment ~ an extensive section is also included in this all-inclusive book…with empowering meditations and transformational exercises for daily raising your consciousness to the Most High.

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The Book of Destinies: Discover the Life You Were Born to Live Authors Chetan Parkyn & Carola Eastwood

Have you ever wondered about your life’s purpose? The next step in the life-changing Human Design system, The Book of Destinies presents in-depth profiles of the 192 Life Themes that encompass humanity. Based on the place, date, and time of your birth, your Life Theme reveals a remarkably detailed portrait of your true nature, allowing you the peace of knowing who you really are so you can live your life with clarity and fulfillment. Instead of struggling to achieve unsuitable goals, you can align yourself with a deeper plan for your relationships, career, and decision making. Many passages include a list of noted people who share that Life Theme. The culmination of the authors’ twenty years of research, practice, meditation, and readings, The Book of Destinies is for anyone who has ever stopped to wonder, “What is my life purpose, and how do I realize it?”

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