Mother Teresa Quotes

02-05-17   Mother Teresa Quotes

Dr Bernie shares some of his favorite Mother Teresa quotes, how her messages apply today, and a number of other topics around keeping the mind and body nourished. Tune in for some the most inspiring stories from this pioneer and icon. He is joined by his radioactive family Lionel Ketchian and Deborah Beauvais.

Learning From Our Feelings

01-08-17   Learning From Our Feelings

Dealing with our feelings on the holidays and what we learn from them… Bernie shares insights, stories and thought provoking ideas with his radioactive family Lionel Ketchian & Deborah Beauvais.

Benefiting from Our Experiences

12-04-16   Benefiting from Our Experiences

Dr Bernie and Lionel discuss benefiting from our experiences, whether they are negative or positive. Lionel mentioned to Bernie that people who had experienced cancer would testify that the experience made them a better person. He related that it was true. Depending on how we hold our experience, we can benefit greatly from it. Negative experiences help us to grow and become a better person.

Choose Life, Choose Love

10-18-16  Choose Life, Choose Love

Dr Bernie gets together with is radioactive family Lionel Ketchian and Deborah Beauvais. What would love do? Bernie shares doing good deeds for others, calling it ‘Doing something real”. When you give of yourself you create family… which teaches, all involved about relationships…a journey in itself.